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Tulsi Tea

Dive into the soothing embrace of Nature’s Chai Organic Tulsi Tea. It’s a harmonious blend that offers a tranquil retreat to your mind and body.


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Embark on a journey to the lush tea plantations of the Himalayas, where the art of tea blending meets the enchantment of herbs. Here, our Tulsi Tea is born—a fusion of green tea and sacred Tulsi leaves, a testament to the timeless allure of tea and the calming charm of Tulsi. Crafted with care and love, it embodies the spirit of wellness and relaxation.

Health Benefits: 

Sure, here’s a more concise version of the unique health benefits of Tulsi Tea:

  • Stress Relief: Tulsi helps your body adapt to stress and promotes mental balance.
  • Respiratory Wellness: Tulsi can relieve cough, cold, and other respiratory disorders.
  • Heart Health: Antioxidants in green tea and Tulsi can maintain a healthy heart.
  • Skin and Hair Health: Antioxidants in Tulsi Tea can enhance skin and hair health.
  • Liver Health: Tulsi has hepatoprotective properties for liver health.
  • Energy Balance: Tulsi and green tea balance your energy levels.
  • Dental Health: Tulsi’s antimicrobial properties maintain oral health.
How to Brew
Key Ingredient: Green Tea Leaves, Sacred TulsiAroma & Appearance: Prepare to be captivated by the soothing aroma and look of Tulsi Tea. As you steep a cup, the calming scent of fresh Tulsi fills the air, inviting you to pause and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The tea itself glows with a vibrant green colour, reflecting its freshness and purity.How to Brew: 
  • Boil water & place your pyramid Tea bag into the cup. 
  • Pour hot water over the tea bag, and steep 1-3 minutes for a light taste, and 3-5 minutes for a stronger flavour. 
  • Your Tea is ready! Enjoy it as is or add any sweetener or lemon as per your preference.
Remember, every sip of Tulsi Tea is a step towards tranquillity and wellness. Enjoy the journey!
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